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Prayer Ministry

"Gathering of the Eagles"

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We Pray


  • Cooperately (you are not alone)

  • Intelligently  (we teach the WORD)

  • Intentionally (you will never be bored)

  • Specificially (we ask for the grace of God to unfold in your spiritual, mental, physical, academic, business and in every relationship)

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"Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know." Jer 33:3



Our prayer time is called "Gathering of the Eagles"


1. We pray from an advantage point, 'in heavenly places' like eagles which soar above storms


2. We are kings and priest called in rulership and dominion in the heavens. Like the eagles, they are the Kings & Queens of the atmosphere


3.  When we pray we are given a keen sense of vision & direction.


4. Prayer nourishes our soul and is health to our lives as we pray the living WORD of GOD.


5. Eagles lay their eggs in high unreachable ledges away from predators: Likewise in prayer, we give birth to dreams and visions away from dream killers


6. Eagles are prepared to SOAR and pushed out of their nest for PURPOSE. Likewise, prayer prepares you for greatness which is about to come.


7. Eagles undergo a metamorphosis, as old feathers claws (talons), and beaks are removed to make way for new ones. In prayer, you undergo a transformational process which allows you to come out better, renewed and fresh 



Your prayers originate from heaven and touch the earth: "You are seated in heavenly places" Eph 2:6


Your strength is renewed and your life is resilient at every season and stage  Isa 40:31


You will see things the way God sees it Eph 1:18



Prayer is a conversation. It's a dialogue with God. It's a journey and an exchange of the unseen into the seen. Simply put; we pray because we need to hear from God and God needs to hear from us.


For anything new to begin in your life, for anything to positively change and remain permanent you must pray the WORD of GOD, the WILL of GOD and agree with the WAY of GOD.


We meet corporately to pray every Wednesday, Friday & Sunday


We stand and agree with you and your family.


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