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Key of David  Ministries

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Prayer is a conversation. Its a dialouge with God. It's a journey and an exchange of the unseen into the seen. Simply put; we pray because we need to hear from God and God needs to hear from us.

Men's Ministry


The Key of David believes that men are designed to be an example of leadership, might and intergrity. Every other arm of the Church will take example as the tone is set by the High Priest and Governmental authority that has been given to men.

Sunday School


Our children are the heritage of the Lord. They are a gift to us and are on loan from the Lord. We will, one day, must give an account for our love, care and protection of our children. 




Our Youth Ministry is centered around launching young people into their purpose by age 30 and beyond. Like Timothy, Joseph, David and Jesus who all came into prominence at age 30. Our youths must experience the same.

They must be R.I.C.H. by 30.




We cherish not only the wisdom of our senior citizens, but our ministry see them as active contributors and participants in our community.


Women's Ministry

The Key of David Women's Ministry is for you. Women on a journey of greatness, and a design which is patterned after purpose. The women's ministry focuses on one specific core area:- SHERR Ministry

Music & Media


Worship is a lifestyle. Our community is keen to not only sing along, but live out loud. Music is an international language, and as we play, dance, and give our bodies as token of constant gratitude; we create an atmosphere that is both reverent and exciting. 

Community Service


The community consists of mission-minded people who love, serve and empower each other toward greatness.

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