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MEN'S Ministry

"David's Mighty Men"

Men's Ministry


"...These are the names of David’s mighty warriors" 2 Sam 23:8


Are you looking for spiritual growth? Do you desire to be both successful and significant? Then the Key of David's "Men's Ministry" is where you belong!


The Key of David believes that men are designed to be an example of leadership, might and intergrity. Every other arm of the Church will take example as the tone is set by the High Priest and Governmental authority that has been given to men. 


 The Men's Ministry is repsonible for three core areas of the Church


1. Protocol

2. Evangelism

3. Property Management 

What made David distinguisable from his counterpart, namely Saul, can be seen in six specific attributes. 

David stood on SOLID GROUND.  A foundation which cause mighty warriors to display similar attributes. David displayed ( 1 Sam 24:1-22):

1. Confidence in God from the beginning

2. Did not assume any rights or privilages to himself

3. Obeyed God in the little things

4. Maintained intergrity by respecting Saul

5. Consustently submitted to authority

6. Desired to increase God's reputation and not his own

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297 Mac Naughton Jones St. Plaisance Park


Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies


Phone: +1 868-279-3455

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